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KillerIT evaluates application portfolios

In this innovation spotlight, learn how KillerIT Application Portfolio helps organizations evaluate application portfolios using data-driven initiatives.

Discover how Application Portfolio from KillerIT, a Forsythe Technology, Inc. division, uses a ranking system to help enterprise architects evaluate and streamline application portfolios quickly. KillerIT Application Portfolio is SearchSoftwareQuality's February product of the month.

Product of the Month: KillerIT Application Portfolio

Release date: Q4, 2014

What it does

KillerIT Application Portfolio is an application portfolio management suite that helps organizations evaluate and manage an application portfolio by using a data-driven methodology. KillerIT Application Portfolio scores assets and separates them into the three categories of Buy, Hold and Sell. With this scorecard in hand, enterprises decide which applications hold value, said Ramana Reddy Depa, KillerIT CTO. "You can cut redundant and unused applications, creating a more efficient portfolio and freeing up the IT budget new technology investments." These metrics can be customized, so that each business can organize metrics by its most important attributes, such as security or cost.

What sets it apart

The Buy-Hold-Sell model of ranking application usefulness is a novel approach, in that it provides performance and cost metrics in a report that business and IT can understand, said KillerIT Founder and President Robert Dvorak. "In Application Portfolio, the applications the business wants to do more of are 'Buys,' just like a valued asset would be labelled in a financial portfolio," Dvorak explained. Then, applications needed for compliance are labeled as "Holds." "Businesses will keep them up to date, but not invest heavily in them. Finally, 'Sells' are applications that have reached a diminishing return or are reaching the end of their value lifecycle."

Why it's cool

For enterprise architects, KillerIT Application Portfolio is valuable for several reasons, including ease of implementation, application modernization features and collaboration enablement.

  • In many projects, a liaison is needed to explain IT reports to business managers. KillerIT's Buy-Hold-Sell approach puts data into reports business managers can understand.
  • Application portfolio assessment is a first step in many application modernization projects, so KillerIT offers a specific dashboard for modernization. It focuses on modernization metrics, such as technology age, cost of maintenance or where it is on the refresh cycle, according to Depa.
  • KillerIT delivers its tools as cloud-based services, so EAs don't have to do back-end builds, and all team members can easily access reports.

Finally, the coolness of the Killer IT Application Portfolio line has been validated by inclusion in the 2014 Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) products. To ice the coolness cake, KillerIT was also named Gartner Cool Vendor in Program and Portfolio Management. The Buy-Hold-Sell model cleverly offers a simple representation of the complex SaaS landscape, said Gartner analyst Jim Duggan. KillerIT could be a boon for business-IT project teams tasked with evaluating applications running across multiple platforms, he said.

How businesses use it

KillerIT's feature set was developed during projects with a small group of customers, Gartner noted in its Magic Quadrant report. Forsythe doesn’t name those companies. During our interview, however, Depa described a beta project in the financial services industry. In that project, a major financial services firm used KillerIT to get control of its app glut.

The business had about 100 automated management systems for applications. Each was used for a specific type of service and/or geographic location. "We helped them architect a single global auto-management platform with the commonly used applications provided there," said Depa. Location-specific functions are addressed by local applications which hook into this global platform. Projected IT budget cost savings are expected to be $500 million over the next five years.


The KillerIT Application Portfolio SaaS product is offered as a single monthly subscription, which grants unlimited access to any number of users within the organization. The pricing is determined by market segment and varies by business size.

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