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Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework -- Chapter 10: Acegi Security System for Spr

Java development isn't complete without sound application security practices. Programmers using the Spring Framework will learn security measures in this free book excerpt on the Acegi Security System.

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 10 of Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework written by Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Alef Arendsen, Thomas Risberg and Colin Sampaleanu and published by John Wiley & Sons.

This chapter, "Acegi Security System for Spring," explores the major options available for security Spring-based applications and examines the recommended security framework, Acegi Security System for Spring.

Java Development with the Spring Framework

Book description:
The Spring Framework is a major open-source application development framework that makes Java/J2EE development easier and more productive. This book shows you not only what Spring can do but why, explaining its functionality and motivation to help you use all parts of the framework to develop successful applications.

You will be guided through all the Spring features and see how they form a coherent whole. In turn, this will help you understand the rationale for Spring's approach, when to use Spring, and how to follow best practices. All this is illustrated with a complete sample application. When you finish the book, you will be well equipped to use Spring effectively in everything from simple Web applications to complex enterprise applications.

What you will learn from this book:

  • The core Inversion of Control container and the concept of Dependency Injection 
  • Spring's Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) environment and framework and why AOP is important in J2EE development
  • How to use Spring's programmatic and declarative transaction management services effectively
  • Ways to build projects and access data using Spring's JDBC functionality, iBATIS SQL Maps, JPA with Hibernate, and other O/R mapping frameworks
  • Spring services for accessing and implementing EJBs, along with Spring's own Tomcat based servlet engine
  • Spring's remoting and serialization framework

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