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Strategies to master continuous testing

This portion of the Software Development Training Center walks you through steps to perform and improve continuous testing.


If your enterprise delivers new software code several times a day, iteratively and agilely updating applications, you're not alone. A growing number of businesses focus on uninterrupted, continuous software delivery and deployment.

This process sounds great, until you realize that continuous delivery (CD) can also mean constant bugs and hiccups. Continuous testing is the only way to avoid delivery failures. If you can test at the same speed that developers build code, your chances of catching bugs greatly increase.

This Software Development Training Center entry covers strategies to implement, improve and assess continuous testing. Learn about continuous testing in DevOps, how to test with Jenkins and where continuous integration (CI) and continuous development fit in.

1Continuous testing strategies-

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This section of the Software Development Training Center covers continuous testing approaches. Learn how seven steps can improve your continuous testing, why you should consider testing components and which tools will bolster security.


Top four continuous testing components

Rapid continuous delivery is unlikely to go off without a hitch, unless the team relies on continuous testing. Expert Justin Rohrman explains how to get it underway. Continue Reading


Adopt continuous testing in a DevOps and Agile world

The best way to engender continuous testing in DevOps shops? Take the lead. Here's how testers can create change and align disparate goals for organizations. Continue Reading


Seven steps to improve continuous testing

Expert Matt Heusser explains how to improve mobile and web application continuous testing in seven steps. Learn how to identify goals and avoid failures with continuous flow. Continue Reading


What you need to know about continuous testing with Jenkins

With dev cycles shrinking all the time, Jenkins' compatibility continues to evolve. Set up Jenkins for effective CI/CD with quality plug-ins that enable continuous testing. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Drive continuous testing into production with CI/CD

It's not about the quantity of software releases, but about the quality, according to industry experts. Look for test automation, a big role for cloud and another telling trend. Continue Reading

Blog Post

HP offers continuous testing tools

It's becoming apparent that 2015 is a year in which we're being showered with cloud and mobile development tools from all sides. It seems new tools are being announced weekly. One of the companies ... Continue Reading

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