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Strategies to master the software testing process

This portion of the Software Development Training Center delves into the first steps necessary when making considerable transitions in a software testing process.


Let's face it -- it's tough to be a tester today, particularly with all the challenges looming like DevOps, automation and a new focus on user experience. Whether you're looking to define the software testing process or trying to figure out which management strategies to avoid, this Software Development Training Center takes you through the first steps toward a software testing transformation.

As a tester, it is important to understand the software testing process when considering which software management testing tools to purchase. Here we've gathered our best advice, tips and strategies to give you a leg up on the trickiest parts of the software testing process.

1Testing techniques-

Getting into the software testing process

Managing software updates and changes presents challenges for a tester. This software testing process section covers everything from understanding .NET application testing to user interface testing strategies.


Defining a testing strategy

Having a test strategy can facilitate the testing process. Expert John Overbaugh explains how to define a test strategy and to what extent developers should be involved. Continue Reading


Which software test management rules should you break?

Software test management advice is often just plain wrong. Expert Johanna Rothman explains which rules to break -- and what to focus on instead. Continue Reading


What you need to know about testing .NET applications

For the most efficient testing, you need the right tools for the job. Expert Matt Heusser explains in detail all the testing tools for tackling apps built with Microsoft's .NET. Continue Reading


Get past user interface testing with these tips

As if testing isn't complicated enough, now there's a new emphasis: looking into the UI and beyond. Expert Amy Reichert outlines everything testers need to know. Continue Reading


Buying test management software? Here's what you should know

From company size to agile development methodology and regulatory compliance, different scenarios determine which QA software fits which organization. Which package fits you best? Continue Reading


Get started with lean QA testing

Trying to identify bottlenecks in the software testing process can be challenging, but starting a lean QA effort can help. Expert Amy Reichert explains. Continue Reading

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