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Learning Guide: Application security testing techniques

Testing applications for security purposes is such a basic, important safety measure that most security professionals wouldn't think twice about it. Explore your options for pen testing, vulnerability analysis, fuzzing and more in this application security testing learning guide.

Testing applications for security purposes is such a basic, important safety measure that most security professionals...

wouldn't think twice about it. Yet just a few years ago, the methods for application security testing were limited in both scope and number. All that has changed. Now the tools and techniques for testing are more sophisticated. We can expect advancements in methodology, novel approaches to testing and many new products to come. This learning guide breaks testing down into several categories, although there is inevitably some overlap. Use these papers, expert opinions, articles, news and tips to refine your application security testing strategy. If you know of an article, tip, tool or method that should be included, send me an e-mail with the information and I'll be happy to add it. – Jennette Mullaney, assistant editor.

Vulnerability Assessment

Source Code/Static Analysis

Penetration Testing

Fuzz Testing


Architectural Risk Analysis

Other useful resources

Expert advice on tools and technologies

Do you have a question about application security testing techniques? Our Tools & Technologies expert Brad Arkin may have the answer. Read advice he has given or submit your own questions.

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This was last published in September 2006

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