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Project management tools and strategies: Other useful resources

Project management blogs, guides, columns, book excerpts and online communities are useful resources for any software PM.

   Team building and managing basics
   Outsourcing strategies
   Communication and collaboration tools
   Gantt charts, PERT charts and PM planning tools
   Other useful resources

David ChristiansenExpert advice on software project management

Do you have questions about project management? Let our project management experts, David Christiansen, Bas de Baar and Karen N. Johnson guide you. Read advice they have given or submit your own questions.
  • Learning Guide: How project management methods can improve software: Not to be confused with the Learning Guide you are currently reading, this guide concentrates on methods such as agile, Six Sigma and CMMI. There is also general information on project management.

  • Column: Project Management in Perspective: Bas de Baar writes a monthly column on project management. "The Project Shrink," as Bas calls himself, provides a unique, almost therapeutic viewpoint on the crazy, crazy world of project managers.

  • Bookshelf: Project Management: This particular "shelf" is devoted to books about project management. Chapter excerpts are always free and available to members of

  • Online community: GanttHead members are privy to useful articles, blog posts, tips and more about IT project management.

  • Blog: IT Project Management: Yusuf Salwati's blog is a great resource for project managers. He has a global viewpoint from years of IT experience all over the world.

  • Blog: Reforming Project Management: Frequently updated with short, to-the-point entries. There are a few "lenses," or groups of posts that provide a, well, lens for looking into an aspect of project management.

  • Blog: Herding Cats: This blogger understands that managing your team can be, yes, just like herding cats. Greg Alleman knows a great deal about project management within agile development methodologies, but those following any methodology can find good information here.

  • Blog: A Girl's Guide to Managing Projects: Not just for girls, this is an informative and organized blog devoted to delivering projects OTOBOS -- on time, on budget and on scope.

  • Blog: Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management: Brodzinski has a lot of experience as a project manager that informs his practical, irreverent and frequent postings.

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Great list of resources but I would include Proggio blog on the list. Thanks for this