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Software testing fundamentals: Other useful resources

Software testing books, FAQs, expert advice, tools and blogs.

   Software testing basics
   Performance testing
   Regression testing
   User acceptance testing
  Other useful resources

Karen N. JohnsonExpert advice on software testing

Do you have questions about software testing? Let our testing experts, Karen N. Johnson, Scott Barber, Mike Kelly and John Overbaugh guide you. Read advice they have given or submit your own questions.
  • Visit our software testing bookshelf for a collection of free book chapters on testing.

  • Software QA and testing resource center: This is a bare bones site with a large series of FAQs on aspects of software testing.

  • The Association for Software Testing is a great organization for testers. The AST hosts an annual conference and publishes regularly.

  • The Center for Software Testing Education and Research offers courses on software testing and the site is a great resource for testing information.

  • Open source testing tools has a database of open source regular and unit testing tools for various platforms.

  • aggregates testing blogs from the heavy hitters in the testing industry.

  • Visit Software Quality ATE on for software testing questions and answers from members of the community. Expert John Overbaugh offers his advice here.

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