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Software testing fundamentals: Testing basics

Software testing experts weigh in on creating test plans, writing test cases, choosing test models and other basic building blocks of software testing.


Jennette Mullaney, Associate Editor

Software testing is a field with no set "best practices." Because so much of testing is based on the particular context of the test, it's often difficult to clarify, categorize and dispense advice on aspects of software testing. However, there are fundamental rules around which testers can frame their work. This learning guide contains advice for software testing broadly and regression testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing specifically. The section on regression testing also includes a subsection on smoke and sanity testing.

These tips, articles, expert responses, book excerpts and webcasts will guide you toward a greater understanding of software testing. If you have any resources that you would like to share, or have suggestions for a future learning guide topic, please email me.


   Software testing basics
   Performance testing
   Regression testing
   User acceptance testing
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  Testing basics  

Test plans, test cases, test strategies, test methodologies, test models and testing types are defined and discussed below.

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