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"Agile Project Management for Dummies" author explains Scrum roadblocks

Platinum Edge is dedicated to transforming enterprises from waterfall to Agile. Principal consultant Mark C. Layton, author of Agile Project Management for Dummies, sees a lot of behavioral problems getting in the way of good process. "We find that a lot of people want the benefits of Scrum," he said, "but not everybody wants to do Scrum because it's a very fundamental behavioral shift."

Layton said his background in behavioral sciences (on top of the usual processes and engineering experience) gives the edge to Platinum Edge. "The process of Scrum is easy," he said, "but the people and behavioral changes associated with Scrum are not easy."

Layton saw attendees stopping at his booth to ask about challenges that fit into two categories. One was ScrumBut. He said many organizations have modified the Scrum process for one reason or another and are not finding the value they wish they had. He said the reason they fall short is their failure to pick up the fundamental behavior change behind Agile.

He also saw problems arise from a disconnect between management and execution teams creating problems for Agile developers. His suggestion for this case is to get the executives in charge of transformation and making them responsible for removing impediments from the Scrum teams.

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