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Get hands-on in this Microsoft Visual Studio Code tutorial

When programmers write code, it's a no-brainer to do it in an integrated development environment. IDEs not only empower developers to write and manage code better than plain-text editors, but they also make the process much more efficient.

IDEs provide simple features like text searching, autocompletion and even formatting. The Microsoft Visual Studio IDE relies on AI technologies, such as IntelliCode and code cleanup. Explore both features in this Visual Studio Code tutorial, which uses a simple application for the demonstration.

The autocomplete feature in IDEs is straightforward, as it typically details the properties and methods of an object. Visual Studio Code, however, takes this basic capability to the next level, as it makes recommendations based on how most programmers write code. The feature scans thousands of open source projects on GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, and looks for the most-used properties and methods for each object type. As we explain in this Visual Studio Code tutorial, it then applies stars to the recommendations that display on IntelliCode completions.

Autocomplete is helpful, but an IDE that can automatically clean up code is even better. During code refactoring in C#, many programmers start to wonder which using statements are actually needed, and which ones are superfluous. The Visual Studio code cleanup feature is faster and less prone to error than human review, even compared to a trial-and-error approach of removing using statements and then trying to compile.

Take a few minutes to check out the Microsoft Visual Studio Code tutorial for beginners in the video, and decide whether this IDE is right for you.

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