JNBridge Pro 4.1

Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge (Boulder, CO), touted the broader interoperability capabilities the May 11 release of version 4.1 brings to the core product. For one thing, 4.1 makes it easier for developers to embed components and controls from Windows Presentation Foundation into Java applications written in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT or Swing; or do the same in the other direction, from Java to WPF. JNBridge Pro 4.1 won the Best of TechEd 2009 Award for software components and middleware.

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JNBridge Pro 4.1

Wayne Citrin: Hi, I'm Wayne Citrin from JNBridge. We do Java and .NET
interoperability, and we have a range of tools that actually support a
variety of different kinds of Java and .NET interoperability. It solves a
real customer pain point when you have legacy Java or .NET and you need to
do new development on the other platform or you have to integrate multiple

What's new in our offering this year is the ability to take
Java, AWT, Swing Arista components and drop
them into a WPF, Windows Presentation Foundation application, or
vice versa. You can take a WPF component and drop it into an
ASP, an AWT, or Swing Arista application.

It's easy, it's fast, and it's transparent and customers are
using it to actually sell, to expand their market to customers,
other than the ones who are just using the platform on which the
initial component was developed.

Interviewer: Thanks.

Wayne Citrin: Sure.

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