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Learn how to build low-code apps in this Zoho Creator tutorial

Low-code has caught on with organizations, and today's citizen developers build more applications. Accordingly, programming tools are designed to simplify development for workers without deep IT skills. Zoho Creator is a low-code tool that makes it easy to create basic apps.

Follow along with this Zoho Creator tutorial to see how to easily create a low-code app from scratch. The tool also comes with prebuilt forms that users can implement instead of building an application from scratch.

Step by step with Zoho Creator

The process all starts with the creation of a new form that becomes the basis for the application. This step opens a drag-and-drop interface where you select a number of items and fields that you can bring onto the editor in any order or configuration.

Once you place those items, click within the editor, and use the panel on the right side of the screen to customize the individual fields. And, after you've set the fields and form types, check how the app looks in mobile and tablet form on the main application screen. You can create other pages to use, such as a page to view records. Additionally, one could build a dashboard with graphical elements, including the count of forms submitted.

This Zoho Creator tutorial also covers how to use the workflow feature to run any action on forms during or after creation. This functionality affords the citizen developer more control over which data the software submits with each form and grants the ability to integrate with CRM tools already in place.

Once completed, evaluate the application via the Access this application button, which will render the application as it would appear on a user's screen.

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