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Of metrics, REST API best practices and too many app updates

Get any group of writers and editors together and there will be talk … lots of talk, actually. So it's no surprise that TechTarget's application development group editors had so much to say in a video recently it had to be cut nearly in half.

What didn't make the cut? SearchMicroservices editor Fred Churchville talked about orchestration. The term "orchestration" is coming up a lot more today but his feeling is that a lot of people are still trying to figure out what that means. It's important to think about how to achieve good ALM and DevOps orchestration in very concrete terms and how you should structure your Agile continuous delivery. It's almost like a blueprint for this stuff.

Joel Shore, news writer for SearchCloudApplications, has been thinking a lot about streaming analytics. Complex event processing is giving way to streaming analytics, which means the milliseconds of delays while using Apache Spark is getting unacceptable. Microbatching of data is no good if you're doing equities trading, just as one example.

But what survived the cut is worth watching. First Churchville explained all about REST API best practices and why everyone even remotely involved in software development really needs to understand how important this is. REST API best practices is one of those topics that is completely "required reading" for everyone.

Shore, on the other hand, talks about why mobile software applications seem like they are always being updated. All of these daily, weekly and monthly updates got Shore wondering whether the app developers actually released a usable product in the beginning. And this isn't a "chicken or egg" question either. Shore's take: If they need all these updates, these apps weren't ready for prime time when they were released.

Senior technology editor Valerie Silverthorne reflects back on an article with such a simple message it shouldn't have been memorable, but it was. Performance evangelist Andreas Grabner, who works at Dynatrace, pointed out in an interview that he's flabbergasted by how few companies actually use the data they have access to when it comes to application performance monitoring. His advice: just use it. Obvious, but it stuck with Silverthorne as wise advice for 2017. 

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