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Red Hat program manager advocates DevOps methodology

Patricia Bogoevici started off as a software developer and has graduated to consulting on Agile and DevOps projects. At the recent Red Hat Summit, Bogoevici and her co-presenter Josh Minthorne presented a talk about  using Agile and DevOps methodology to achieve faster production deployment.

"The purpose of the talk is really to discuss the meaning of execution excellence," explains Bogoevici, "How do you improve the technology process? How do you deliver value to the customer using Agile processes and the DevOps methodology?"

"We took our experience with customers and we gathered the best practices. We think this Red Hat Summit session is a good format to share this information with other customers and get feedback to make sure that we keep improving our best practices and that our best practices are useful to customers."

"The number one thing that people should be doing and either aren't doing or aren't quite there on yet is automated testing. That is at the core of making sure that you have continuous integration and continuous deployment, you have security and built-in quality of code. Agile is all about delivering high-quality, production ready code at the end of each sprint."

On the other hand, Bogoevici's talk also took a look at some of the antipatterns – the mistakes that a lot of organizations make – and ways to learn from past mistakes so they don't happen at your organization.

"One of the issues that we have seen is culture and this is tough to define because it's so large and ubiquitous. But what we've seen is that very smart people, very talented people don't always have the enablement to speak up. It's important to start creating the openness and collaborations that lets them bring what they think to the process. Let them inform others about ways they see technology can enable them to do their work."

"Red Hat builds open software and fosters open communities. The way we foster communities in open software externally is how we've succeeded internally. We have open communities, we build communities of practice, and when we engage with customers we are always looking to work together with them to build that community culture where everyone contributes and each voice has a seat at the table and can be a part of building that solution."

At its core, the DevOps methodology is about building an open and collaborative community that spans the entire software development group and includes both the developers and operations.

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