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Three different answers to the "What does DevOps mean?" question

What does DevOps mean and what about Agile? Those are the questions I asked Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud; Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud; and Dan Perez, a software developer/engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise during the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (DOES) in San Francisco.

First up, of course, was what does DevOps mean? Wallgren, who has been a bit critical of Agile in the past, referred to the conference as a "DevOps support group," and stressed that DevOps is about culture. (The conference wasn't "tech heavy" at all, in fact; people were heard in the hallways wondering where all the tools were.)

Brodie agreed. "Culture is the differentiator," he explained. "Automation is critical but we have to realize the culture thing makes the difference. Technology without the culture is not going to get the outcomes."

The question, "What does DevOps mean?" was interpreted a bit differently by HPE's Perez. He pointed to his organization's many acquisitions and changes as the reason DevOps is so important. If you do it right, he explained, it's repeatable, and that gets a company or a division or even a group through all kinds of changes.

So where does this leave Agile? It's supposed to "encompass the whole thing," Wallgren said, but he argued it was heavily focused on developers and QA and perhaps not quite enough on delivery. But that doesn't mean Agile is necessarily going away, just being expanded upon. Brodie agreed: "(DevOps) is really an evolution and an extension of Agile."

And going forward, DevOps will expand as well, to include the business side, Perez said.

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